Located at 171 West Randolph Street, Hotel Allegro is on the site of the former Bismarck Hotel, originally opened in 1894 by the German Eitel brothers. After 30 years of operations, in 1924 the old building was razed and the impressive Eitel Block was erected. This block housed the 600-room "New Bismarck Hotel," the 2,500-seat Palace Theater, and the 22-story Metropolitan Building. The New Bismarck opened in 1926 and quickly became known as a social and entertainment mecca for Chicago, hosting high-profile parties, benefits, shows, and bands. It was even the site of the first legal draft pour in the city, towards the end of the Prohibition era. 

In 1956, The Eitels sold the Bismarck to sports promoter and real estate developer Arthur Wirtz, and the hotel begun its slow decline about a decade later. Despite being the seat of the Cook County Democratic Party in the '70s and '80s, the block eventually fell into disrepair. In 1996, after years of revenue loss, the Wirtz family sold the block to PalMet Venture, LLC. 

The block underwent a $31-million renovation and re-opened in 1998. The Bismarck was renamed the Hotel Allegro, and operations were taken up by the renowned Kimpton Hotels group. Today, the Hotel Allegro boasts 483 rooms and a sterling reputation. Located in the heart of Chicago's Loop, it is the perfect accommodation for any traveler looking to savor a piece of the city's history, by enjoying wholly modern amenities with a luxurious vintage ambience. 


*In 2015, the Hotel underwent a second renovation, not overseen by PalMet Venture. Some of the above photos are from this period.